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OC Montessori Academy has provided a wonderful environment for my son to learn and play. There is a wonderful balance of academics, motor skills activities, socializing and fun. I chose OC Montessori Academy after touring several Montessori schools because of their friendly classrooms, attention to cleanliness and the energetic staff. My son has blossomed and advanced in ways he could not have just staying at home. It is a great feeling to know he is somewhere safe and happy during the day!

OC Montessori has been a very positive experience for our family. The well trained staff is caring and compassionate. They recognized our sons strengths and designed lesson plans to let him reach his full potential. When discipline was necessary it was turned into a learning experience. Our son has a solid foundation on which to build his academic future.

- Jason and Beth Corcoran

I visited 3 Montessori schools around Westminster before choosing OC Montessori Academy. I like its spaciousness and that children are not crammed into
each other. Classroom ratios are small and each kid gets plenty of attention from teachers. The backyard is also very spacious for grass, sand playground and biking. The teachers care about their kids and are always available to chat with parents. They also have plenty of activities to keep kids involved.

- Anonymous

This is an excellent school. My son learned to read at the age of 4. The teachers are great. I love that the teachers work with each child and develop and encourage the child according to the child's capability. My son loves the school. The school can not have a better director. The director puts together great programs for the school. The activities and programs enforces the kids learning and introduces them to new things. I can not wait to enroll my daughter in the school.

- Katheriene

I am very satisfied with this school. My daughter always comes home and tells me, "I had fun at school today!" Within less than a month they are coming home singing and have learned all their ABC's. My daughter even comes home pretending to be her teacher. Teachers are well informed and easy to talk to, they are very professional. OC Montessori offers many school activities my daughters participate in: ballet, gymnastics and field trips. The school is very clean and well organized. I would recommend any parent to bring their children to this school!



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The OC Montessori Academy Building Foundation for Learning and Learning